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Pastor Rick's Letter to the Congregation
March, 2023

What a blessing it’s been to have a few sunny days this week! And I was beginning to think we were living in Seattle. Hopefully we can all take advantage of the break in the weather and get out and enjoy this glorious place in which we live—Serenum Carpe Dies!

Wasn’t it wonderful this past Sunday to gather together for a truly splendid community potluck?! We saw some folks that we haven’t seen for a long time. We were able to visit, break bread, share a glass of wine, and be together as a spiritual family sharing in a genuine and traditional experience of communion. It felt like we had been forced apart for years by a pandemic and were now coming together for the first time! It was a profound reminder of how important we all are to each other. Though we were all disappointed that our guest of honor was sick with a cold and couldn’t be with us in person, it was great that Tom was able to join us on Zoom and let us know how he was doing. Thank you to Judie Riley for organizing such a wonderful potluck! And thank you to all who showed up and brought such delicious food!

We also have been blessed with the skill and artistry of Alan Masaoka who has repaired our “Good Shepherd” stained glass window. Alan has a studio here in Carmel Valley Village and he responded immediately to our call for help when we discovered the storm damage to the window by placing a temporary glass tile into the breach while he worked to fashion a permanent tile that would be a better fit for the window. It is now completely repaired. If you have the opportunity to swing by his studio please let him know how much we appreciate having him in our community! And check out his website:

I also hope that you have had the opportunity to meet our new Administrative Assistant Kristi Clark. It is wonderful to have her support in the office and I appreciate how much she has accomplished! Most weeks Kristi will be in the office either Wednesday or Thursday. And let’s all be mindful of the fact that Kristi is a member of our church and comes to Sunday services to connect with the community and to nurture her spiritual life. If you have church business to discuss with her please send her an email ( or leave a message for her on the Chapel phone (831-659-2278) so she can deal with it during her office hours.

Thank you all for the many and varied ways you express your love and care for our community!

Your partner in our shared ministry,

Rev. Rick Yramategui

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