Pastor Rick's Letter to the Congregation,
July, 2022

The big good news for the chapel right now is that Diane Salmon has graciously volunteered to take over as our new Treasurer! I hope you will let Diane know how much you appreciate her, and give her the support we all need when starting a new task. We will also be calling a congregational meeting soon to officially elect Diane as Treasurer. More details about that will be coming. We also are grateful to Karen Turner for volunteering to do the deposits and other tasks that came up before Diane began learning the ropes.

The other good news is that on Sunday, July 17 we will be receiving five new members into the church! I hope you will make an effort to join us that Sunday as we welcome these new members. It’s an exciting time not only for the growth it represents but also for the growth it will nurture within our community. New members will bring their own new and unique gifts, graces and perspectives that will inevitably change and transform our community. This is to be welcomed and celebrated!

Coming up this Sunday we have a very special musical guest. Mexican-American Clarinetist Daniel Hernandez will be performing music by Kovacs, Brahms and Yramategui. He is currently studying at the Cal State Fullerton School of Music, under the mentorship of Burt Hara of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. He previously studied under the direction of local clarinetist Erica Horn. Hernández has roots in the El Sistema programs YOSAL and Youth Music Monterey. Since 2017, Daniel has performed in the Monterey area with the Monterey County Pops band, and more recently, in Orange County with his university’s Wind Symphony. Daniel also teaches private lessons in person at Santiago High School and virtually, with Through the Staff. Hope you can join us this Sunday!

Finally, I’d like to remind us all that the chapel has a small fund set aside to help community members deal with unforeseen financial needs. It is called the Pastor’s Discretionary Fund. It has helped people on limited incomes to get through hard times. It’s helped provide gas, groceries, auto repairs and other necessities. Due to a recent emergency it may soon be depleted, so I am getting the word out that if you are interested in supporting this fund now would be a great time to make a one-time donation! You can make a check out to Carmel Valley Community Chapel, with “Pastor’s Discretionary Fund” in the memo, or make an online donation through our website (Just be sure to include a note that the donation is for the discretionary fund.) Thanks for your support of those in need.

Your partner in our shared ministry,
Rev. Rick Yramategui