Pastor Rick's Letter to the Congregation,
November, 2022

I hope you have been enjoying the skies this past week, they’ve been quite dramatic and beautiful. Just the other morning as Bodhi was taking me for my morning walk, the angle of the sunlight shining on the clouds amidst a baby blue background made it seem like a master artist had painted a glorious watercolor sky! And driving over the grade the other day, nearing the summit, the sun was lighting up the vineyards with their golden fall leaves against a dramatic circus of clouds with bright blue highlights where sky popped in. What a beautiful, ever-changing world we inhabit.

This is a season for gratitude. (When is it not?) November brings us to Thanksgiving and that means Christmas isn’t far away. This year we will be dedicating our pledges on Thanksgiving Sunday (Nov. 20). And it feels so appropriate to do so. Our giving of ourselves and of our resources is a privilege and a blessing. One of the reasons I pledge to the chapel is because of the people, the members and friends of the chapel who continually remind me how good it is to be in a spiritual community that is loving and kind, thoughtful and open to diverse ideas, ever-evolving and inclusive. It is in this community that I have come to appreciate the slow yet constant faithfulness that guides us into becoming more of who we were meant to be, and what we essentially are: love seeking expression. Thank you all for being part of this, and for the many ways you have been there for one another and the wider community. Blessed be!

Your partner in our shared ministry,

Rick Yramategui