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The Didache ( Koine Greek for "Teaching") is the common name of a brief early Christian treatise (c. 70–160), containing instructions for Christian communities. The text is possibly the first written catechism, with three main sections dealing with Christian lessons, rituals such as baptism and eucharist, and Church organization. It was considered by some of the Church Fathers as part of the New Testament but rejected as spurious by others, eventually not accepted into the New Testament canon with the exception of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church "broader canon". The Roman Catholic Church has accepted it as part of the collection of Apostolic Fathers. It is the only rediscovered Christian text during the last 150 years of discoveries in libraries or in papyri to receive wide acceptance by the Catholic and Orthodox Churches.

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The Didache (pronounced 'Didarkay'). It is a Christian manual giving unique details regarding baptism, eucharist and church leadership from an early period of Christian development. Its name comes from the title, 'The Teaching (Didache) of the Lord, by the Twelve Apostles, to the Gentiles'. A rough table of its contents runs as follows:

Didache 1-6 - a collection of Jewish moral instructions to be adopted by Gentiles who want to be baptised.

Didache 7 - brief instructions for the baptism service itself.

Didache 8 - instructions for fasting and prayer, including a version of the Lord's Prayer that is very similar, but not identical, to that in Matthew's Gospel.

Didache 9 and 10 - two sets of eucharistic prayers.

Didache 11-15 - various instructions regarding church leaders and visitors.

Didache 16 - a warning about the events of the last days.

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