Pictures Pastor Rick has sent home.

Rick is sharing his sabbatical adventures with the Chapel.
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Rome #6 Date: Thu May 5 - 10, 2005

Church of St's John and Paul May 5 #004

Trajan's Marketplace May 5 #007

The glorious Trevi Fountain. This has nothing to do
with my sabbatical program, but it's so cool!
May 7 #024

One of the most ancient temples in Rome,
located in Largo Argentina.
May 10 #041

Church of San Clement (interior) May 5 #006

The Incredible Pantheon! May 6 #020

Casa di Santa Brigida, this is where I'm staying
while in Rome.
May 7 #025

Church of St. Cecilia, an early Christain martyr May 10 #072

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